Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hey kitty -kats,

It's getting to be crunch time. Only four more days before I leave to make a stand at the WSOP. I will try and keep you updated. My goal for day one is to not get knocked out. Well, I guess that's my goal for the whole tournament. By the way if you want to go to and go under Lobby-then promotions- then teampokeroom you can see my mug and the others i'll be playing with as a memeber of teampokerroom.

Love ya,


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Forgive me if I sound upset but I am. As I've metioned in an earlier post, I'm from a small farming town in Nebraska. While small town living has it advantages (although at the moment I'm at a lost to tell you what they are) small town people can be very small minded, judgemental, hypocritical, nosey and catty. For that reason I picked up and left as soon as I possibly could. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful people who have come from this little town. So it is not to those that I address this blog to. I would not even be addressing anybody from this town if it weren't for the fact that my parents still live there.

This is the reason for this particular blog. It appears that I have been mentioned in another persons blog and this blog is of a rather explicit nature. I attended an Oscar party ( which was a charity event and cost $250.00) with this woman who is my publicist. She has certian views on sex and other issues that do not align with mine. I do not subscribe to her way of thinking, never have and never will. She is a very nice person but we just do not share the same view on certian issues. However, it appears that I am guilty by association. I love living in La and one of the reaons I do is because I welcome diversity. I have a lot of friends in all walks of life in all religions and in all colors and I welcome their differences. I do not judge anybody for the way they choose to live their life as long as they are not hurting anybody. It doesn't mean that because I attend a charity event with someone who has certian sexuall views that those are my views any more than if I attend a charity event with someone Jewish that I want to become Jewish. Not that I need to explain my life to anybody, but I had no idea this woman had such an explicit blog nor did I have any idea that I was mentioned in it. Not until my mother told me about it. Not only that the only thing that was said about me was the fact that I was there and that the papparrzi failed to take our picture and she was commenting on the fact that I was Pokergirl and the press should have known who I was. That's it that was the whole thing about me. Yet, because of the nature of her earlier posts which are a bit sexually explicit the tounges of the little town started wagging. Becuase I was mentioned in her blogg I therefore subscribe to her beliefs and ideals? Please people, have we learned nothing. Do the witch hunts still go on? Guilt by association. That's it in a nut shell. Remember everybody, No one lives in a glass house. Anybody can get mentioned on somebodys blog and it will show up in the internet and you have no control over it. To those of you who feel so inclined to spread vicious and hurtful gossip remember that.

I try to live my life with Love and compassion. I am open minded and because of that I have many good friends. I have accomplished a lot in my life and I'm very happy with what and who I've become. To those smallminded petty people in the world I hope our paths never cross in this life. To my friends and those who wish me well, I celebrate and appreciate you! Now go play poker.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ok it's been a while. Just wanted you all to know that I won a seat into the WSOP 2006!!! I played in a tournament through Pokerroom. com and I won! Life is good. Hopefully this year I'll fare better than last. The WSOP starts sometime at the end of July and I'll try and keep you updated. I'm letting you all know it's possible.. so try and get into as many freerolls and small money tournaments as you can. I need some friends to party with while I'm there. This means you Byron!! You can get there. Have a good one and I'll cya at the tables. Love Pokergirl.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I had one of the worst nites of playing poker ever last nite. It wasn't the biggest loss I've ever taken in my day but it was a pretty big chunk of change. I lost 20 grand. That's a bunch of balls and bats kids. But that's not the most painful part of it. The reason it was so painful was WHO I lost it to.

When I was in 3rd grade, we had a math contest where my teacher split us up into 2 teams and then each student would go head to head to the chalk board and do a math problem. Whoever solved the problem the quickest would win and the team with the fastest problem solvers would be declared the winners. We were into multiplication at the time and I was a bit challenegd in this area. I subsequently had to work with a math tutor after school. Hated it!! Anyway, it was my turn to run to the board to solve my math question. We were tied at the time and it was up to me to break the tie and win the whole shabang. My team was ectatic because it was me against Bucky Jones. Bucky Jones was the stupidest kid in our class and everybody knew it. My team knew we had it in the bag. I run to the chalkboard pretty confident. She gives us the problem and we start to work it. My mind went blank. I wasn't good at this stuff anyway but on top of it my mind just froze. My team is cheering my on, certian of victory and I can't work the damn problem. Sweat is dripping down my face and I'm thinking to my self, this can't be happening. Bucky Jones is the stupidest kid in class.. I can't lose to Bucky Jones. Well, I lost to Bucky Jones. Imagine the horror of it. Me and Bucky , Bucky Jones!! It took me a long time to recover from that experience and I'm still scarred by it.

Fast forward to last nite and I had a flashback of the days of me and Bucky Jones. The worst player on the site is Jimmywins. Jimmy doesn't win, Jimmy loses and loses all the time. He a sure thing. He starts out with 500 bucks and sits at the 50 100 table and if he wins a bit he moves up to 100 200 and then if he gets a little bankroll he moves up to 250 500. You're sure to get your money back if you play him long enough. When Jimmy is on the site people come out of the woodwork and there are more open tables then a badly reviewed restaruant. All waiting for Jimmy to come by and bless them with his seemingly endless amount of cash. I predict he's lost aobut 250,000.00 in the past 6 months. He just keeps coming back and keeps on giving.

True to form Jimmy sits at my 50 100 table at about 6 last nite. He starts winning and we move to 100 200 he wins a lot more and then we move to 250 500. 5 hours later Jimmy takes off with 20 grand of my money. The whole site was watching this slaughter and I'm sure Jimmy and I are the talk of the casino. This kind of news travels very fast. It was me and Bucky Jones all over again. My ass hurts so bad today from the whooping I got last nite. Did I get spanked or what?

That , my freinds, is my tale of woe. I do hope that when you log onto, or and you see Pokergirl z and Jimmywins88 playing that most of the chips are on my side of the table. Till next time...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ok , Ok alright already ... I've gotten a lot a s--t about not blogging. But hey, I dont' know if anybody's really reading this anyway. ho ho ho it's Christmas and bah humbug. Nobody want's to play poker as they have to save their money for presents. Well what about me. I neeed people to play so I can have money for presents. Stop reading this and go play poker preferably with me.

I'm having trouble getting on to Pokertropolis due to my Dual monitor situation You can catch me on or as Pokergirl. Come on over and see me, boys. And girls. Love ya, Pokergirl.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Who’d a thunk it? Looking back it makes perfect sense but If you would have told me then Id be making a living playing poker I’d have said the day I marry Brad Pitt. I grew up in a small town in Nebraska. There wasn’t much to do there except drink beer and play cards. I drank a lot of beer and played even more cards. My dad was a gin player who played for money. He was a “high roller” at Caesars Palace. I spent my 21st birthday playing black jack with my dad. For sure, I inherited the gaming gene from Dear ole Pa.. I really don’t describe my self as a gambler. I’m a strategist. No really, I am. I akin myself to a backgammon player or chess player. The thrill of the money is secondary although I’d never spend 10 hours a day playing poker for shits and giggles. I eventually left the cornfields of the Midwest for the lure of fortune and fame in Los Angeles.

I was working as an actress which means I was waiting tables at Morton’s steak house and I meet this guy who turns out to be a professional Blackjack player. One thing led to another and we found ourselves canoodeling at Caesar Palace. I guess I was looking for a father figure. Our relationship did not work out but I learned a lot about gaming from him. Our love dissipated but we partnered up and I was soon banking High stakes Pai Gow games around town. I was starting to lose my hearing with the constant banging of the dice cup so I decided it was time to move on to something a bit more soothing. I knew a 9 to 5 was not for me and had kind of lost the desire for getting rejected on a daily basis in the acting world so I turned to the Internet.

My Mecca .. Online gaming. I started playing 5-10 Texas Holdem heads up limit games and realized the world was my ocean. Good fishing and an endless horizon. I quickly moved up to 10-20 and now I play up to 300-600. I’ve been playing online for over 2 years now. I wish I could say I was a cool headed Zen like poker master. I cannot say that. I’m volatile and have been known to go on tilt on occasion. Most people find this a bit odd for I’m a very petite blond haired sweet caring animal loving and if I say so myself attractive woman. The litany of swear words I can put out in a minute is astounding. . This is an advantage to playing on the internet. If I exhibited this kind of behavior in a brick and mortar casino it may not be so good for me. I figure I’m letting out my emotions so I’m bound to save money on therapy.

At any rate, I find on line gaming quite lucrative. I wake up head on down to the war room where I have it decked out for maximum play. I have a Synchmaster 213T screen, my -iPod and TIVO... This screen allows me to play 2 games at once with the same mouse, It’s great as I can increase my hands per hour by 2 and sometimes I can even squeeze in 3 games. This takes a lot of concentration and is not for the slight of heart. Heads up goes pretty fast and money is flying all over the place. The iPod helps keep my sanity and TIVO allows me to watch all my favorite shows (Six feet Under, Survivor, Average Joe; the Joes strike back) when I’m too involved in a game to watch. I do this pretty much on a daily basis unless I have a golf game planned. I make my living playing poker. Kind of cool. The hours are right and there’s no one breathing down my neck making sure I get back from lunch on time,. Him, I wonder if there will be wedding bells ringing soon for Brad and me after all. Hey a girl can dream.